Posted: September 05,2012 , by xtrEME

Whenever a motor vehicle wrecks down and it can no longer run on the road, a tow truck is used as a recovery vehicle for transportation. These services are provided by a road service operator. But an important point is, are these towing trucks well equipped? To rescue a broken down vehicle, the rescuer itself should be fully equipped. So the equipments commonly used in tow trucks are:

  • Boom: It is not used specifically for towing, but most of the trucks are equipped with an adjustable boom winch. When there is a need to recover the truck fixed in a trench, open drain or on any edge where there is no place for the truck to bank upon then in such a case, these boom winches can be used.
  • Wheel-Lift: It is a kind innovated use of hook and chain technology where a large metal yoke is fitted under the front or rear wheel sides for the support. It is based on the principle of pneumatic or hydraulic technology, where the machinery pulls the drive wheels of the vehicle either front or rear wheels whichever are in use.
  • Hook and Chain: It is also known as “sling” or “belt lift”. In this technique of lifting, chains are circled around the axle or the frame of the vehicle, and it is drawn upwards with the help of a boom winch, which rests alongside a pair of heavy rubberized mats so the customer’s vehicle is towed on its other axle. However, these are not much in use these days because it can scratch the bumpers of cars. But in case of an accident or when one or two of the front or rear wheels of the vehicles is missing they can be used.
  • Flatbed: It is also called as a Rollback or a Slide. At the back of the truck a complete bed is fitted, which is used to move the vehicle to the ground level based on the principle of hydraulic pressure. It helps the vehicle being towed to be placed on it applying its own power.
  • Integrated: It is also referred to as a “Self Loader” Snatcher, Quick Pick or a Repo Truck. It is a unique combination of boom and wheel-lift technologies being integrated into a single unit. It is mostly used in the case of light duty trucks, when they are to be moved if parked at a wrong place. There are controls for the kit used inside the cab of the tow truck to help make the pickup possible without having to hook up the vehicle.

Mostly these equipment for tow truck drivers are the common arrangements, but they are not exclusive, rather a combination is used. The flatbed units help in wheel-lift, whereas boom trucks can recover but can not tow, and wheel-lift units are a combination of boom with belt lift.

Moreover, if the tow trucks are fully equipped, the drivers will not be in trouble in case if there is an accident or a breakdown.