Posted: August 12,2012 , by xtrEME

Anyone who goes away on an annual vacation knows how difficult it can be to tow a camper. While a camper does provide you with ample freedom, there are a few safety tips to be noted when towing a camper safely.

When towing a camper, you need to ensure that you have the right vehicle, one that is suitable for towing the weight of a camper. While a neat looking two-seater sports car is great to drive around, it is not the best option for towing the considerable weight of a camper. Before towing your camper, you would need to ensure that you have the appropriate type of hitch. An RV dealership would help you figure out the right type and installation procedure of the hitch that suits your vehicle.

It is also important to maintain a stable weight in the camper before towing. Over stuffing it with non-essential items could cause a lot of problems for you. It is important to keep an even distribution of weight and not exceed the recommended weight limits. When packing the camper, make sure that all items are secured in their respective places to ensure that nothing moves about or gets damaged should you hit a bump in the road. You would also need to ensure that the brakes and lights are in working condition. A thorough inspection of the brakes and lights should be conducted prior to commencing your journey.

Make your family vacation a memorable experience by ensuring that your camper as well as your towing vehicle is safe and secure.