Salvage1It is not uncommon to see unregistered and unwanted cars lying at the roadside and often acting as a menace to other road users, vehicle drivers and car parkers. If you too find an unwanted vehicle blocking the path of other road users in the Sydney Metropolitan Area, call Xtreme Towing for salvage. It is a premier towing company with an excellent record of providing prompt and superior quality salvage and recovery services to its customers. Xtreme Towing boasts of the most advanced specialized and fully equipped trucks and professional drivers that have good knowledge and experience of providing salvage duty to businesses, individuals and councils.

Xtreme Towing is one of the most proficient and experienced operators of heavy salvage and recovery trucks in the Sydney Metropolitan Area, offering its valued customers courteous salvage services and continuously working towards its aim to enhance efficiencies and cut costs for undertaking elaborate salvage duties. Any unwanted car can be removed by it free of cost if the vehicle has all its major parts. However, towing vehicles and performing salvage duties for cars with major parts missing in them such as vehicles without engines, transmissions, large sections of the body missing may call for a fee for removal since such vehicles have limited scrap value. With major auto parts missing fromSalvage burnedthe vehicles, Salvage2they do not fetch much return for the salvage and recovery service provider and hence removing such vehicles comes for a fee.

Xtreme Towing claims to provide high-quality salvage and road recovery services within 24 hours of a phone call made for removing scrap cars and trucks. Professional and courteous service provided by this operator is unmatched in Sydney. The team of friendly and efficient drivers at the towing company is well trained to undertake any serious salvage efforts where the level of danger is quite high.